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Getting to the end of 2020 and ... not sure what to say?


The Creative Content Holiday 2020 Email Templates are a copy-and-paste solution to your regular well wishes send out. With 10 x quirky holiday greetings designed to suit the workplace, friends, and family, pop the Subject Line and Email Text right into your inbox and bid this year adieu.


Each Holiday 2020 Email Template pack is intended for non-commercial use. Resellers intended to use the intellectual property enclosed for commercial purposes must receive explicit consent from Creative Content and Copywriting before the reproduction of any original material.


*Please note: all purchasers will receive an email link to download their digital file on purchase. Every purchaser has 30-days to download their attached file.

Holiday 2020 Email Templates

  • The Holiday 2020 Email Template pack will be delivered to the purchaser's email after successful purchase.

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