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Religion for Atheists: Not de Botton

We take pride in staying out of 'remarkably controversial topic' conversations - most especially when they take place online. In saying this, we're very comfortable saying that Mark Manson has, potentially, just become the leader of our new religion.

Photo Credit: @surewillgarden

Without a denominational bone in our business bodies, our millennial team of copywriting and editing professionals is happy to learn, expand, grow, develop, and meet every person and client who has a happy heart and a good mind. As a sort of melting pot of city goers who pay little attention to spiritual or religious conversations (does Stoicism count?) it was a surprise to us all to realise, many the very first time, what it could be like to align and find immediate commonality among strangers who we know nothing about beyond their views relating to life, death, and relationships. (In hindsight, perhaps that is a lot to know.)

Manson - although too sharped tongued and curse-y for some - weaves together an excellent narrative with prime examples hitting home the points he makes about living in the modern world and navigating the ups and mostly downs with as much integrity as you can. (Which, by Manson's view, is little and not worth that much at the end of it all, anyway.) Will this book offend some? Absolutely? Will it highlight some universal truths that are uncomfortable, even unbearable, to others? Certainly. The pragmatic mind with a penchant for colourful language who is open to the idea of living this one and only challenging life may, like us, find comfort and peace in his macabre message - they may even eventually find themselves a believer.

Book rating: 5/5. Recommended? 100% - assuming you're in the right state of mind.

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